A Walk through Mirow

The Mirow neighborhood in Warsaw is planned for revitalization and includes some rare but crumbling pre-War buildings.

My friend at MyTravelingJoys took us for a walk around the area on a brilliant sunny day in what turned out to be the last week of summer here.

There was a lot to see and think about.  What will stay and what will go for the new development?  What history will remain?

The tenement building below was built in the 19th century and located in the Jewish ghetto during WWII. It was home to a famous songwriter and an opera singer who was also a photographer and journalist.

Also below you can see Warsaw’s expanding center of skyscrapers (and of course the Palace of Culture) behind a building from a different time.

Mirow in Warsaw

Mirow in Warsaw

And then here is one of Warsaw’s hidden courtyard shrines.

Warsaw shrine

The wall mural ‘Kamien i co’ translated means ‘Stone and what’.  It is on the side of a heavily damaged building located also in what was once the ghetto.  The group that created questions revitalization at the cost of losing the memory of history.

Warsaw Mirow
This is also a memorial in this area of the old wall to the Jewish ghetto.   It includes a moving multi-media installation of sounds and images viewed through a small box and a marker of the wall on the sidewalk.

Warsaw mirow

With a switch from history to food, the last stop on the walk was Warsaw’s only organic market, the Bio Bazaar.   I love markets and an organic one is even better.   I got a little caught up in buying my leafy greens, coconut oil and ham so didn’t get any pictures of actual food.

But I did take a few of the beautiful garden in the back and outside area that comes equipped with a playground and mini hipster.

Warsaw neighborhoods

On the way to the market, we saw an image for the plans for one block of the area. The facade of a historic building was to remain intact but there would be new buildings behind.

Warsaw Mirow

I can imagine the Bio Bazaar remaining there possibly in a different form and certainly the memorial for the wall and a few other spots.  The crumbling apartment buildings are another question.  So much time has gone by.  War and time have really destroyed them. But there is so little pre-war history left in Warsaw.  What will the city do?

The question is — Kamien i co?


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