A family reunion in Pruhonice

We took a quick trip to Prague for a family reunion recently. It was a different trip than usual. We stayed in a small town, Pruhonice, near the reunion on the outskirts of Prague. We usually stay in a busy city hotel. While I absolutely love the Prague center, it was nice to have some time to slow down and relax in CZ.

The reunion was on a farm. Everyone brought food so there was a ton. They was a roasting turkey and some pork over an open spit and what every reunion needs — an accordion.

There were baby animals to feed, tractors to climb on, and a playground.

Miss H met her cousins (second cousins really) for the first time, and was fast friends with Miss K (4 yrs old), holding hands everywhere they went. They live in New Zealand now but are visiting the Czech Republic for the summer.

We stayed at Babiccina Zahrada (grandma’s garden in English). The restaurant served great, slow-cooked food, and they made bread daily.

There was a wonderful garden equipped with a play area for the kids. Unfortunately, the outside tables were closed for service because it was cold and there was rain passing through.  We could just imagine though sitting there in warmer weather over a long, late lunch with Aperol spritzes while Miss H played in the sandpit.

Even with the weather, the cousins played for a few hours in the garden after the reunion.

From the inn, we were walking distance to an awesome park called simply, Pruhonice Park. The park was founded in 1885 by a count. There is a chateau on the park. I have yet to figure out if it was actually the count’s house or built afterwards. The park is used frequently for weddings. In fact, there was a wedding happening when we visited, and I had actually visited the park back when we were trying to find a location for our Prague wedding.



The weekend was a great short trip — a lot of time outside, a pretty inn where we could relax and play, and some fun getting to know new cousins!

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