Does the tooth fairy come to Poland?

Tooth fairyMy Polish friend and I were discussing Miss H’s first lost baby tooth at school pick-up yesterday. Miss H’s ears perked up when she heard that the tooth fairy doesn’t come to Poland.

“Does a mouse come?” she asked. “The mouse comes to Spanish houses. The mouse comes to C’s house.”

I told her “No sweetie, the tooth fairy will come for your tooth.”

“But she doesn’t come to Poland!” she said starting to get very worried.

“Yes, she does. She comes to find the Americans wherever they are…even the 1/2 Americans in Poland. She knows where you are, don’t worry.”

(The tooth fairy does actually come to Poland these days, but my friend didn’t know the expanded, multi-national routes of the tooth fairy. She only remembered that there was no tooth fairy when she was growing up in Warsaw.)

These global kids have it complicated sometimes, don’t they?

What DOES the tooth fairy actually bring these days? I remember getting a quarter in the cutest little pillow with a zipper my mom had made.

Spanish kids get toys and Polish kids get nothing (or so I thought). I asked the group of American moms hanging around at the school, and the consensus with this group was $1 per tooth and some small thing like stickers.

Too bad I didn’t keep that cute pillow, and unfortunately there was no time to run out for something special. Miss H and the tooth fairy made the exchange via paper napkins made into envelopes, Polish zlotys, toy rings and gasp…a lollipop. (At least it was sugar free.) But I did let her eat it before school.

‘Momma, I think I heard the tooth fairy last night.”

“What did she sound like?”

“I heard a creeeakk — like a wand near the window. How do you think she got in?”

“Only the tooth fairy knows.”

“I think she used her wings and a wand.”

Always there is something new to learn…who likes kids teeth once they are out of their mouths — a mouse, a fairy, or no one, really;) or simply remembering that kids don’t need a lot to be happy — just a lollipop and a magic wand.

4 thoughts on “Does the tooth fairy come to Poland?

  1. Well BIG discussion our end yesterday too when Millie lost (or rather pulled out her first tooth, crazy child!)…who’s coming? Tooth Fairy (english origins) or mouse (french origins, not just spanish!)….of course I said mouse!….I think she likes the mouse. Well the ritual was that the tooth was left in the smallest of russian wooden dolls she had under her pillow. The positive for me was that i said the mouse would not come as long as she was awake and for the first time in a long time she went to sleep at 19h45! yay! Then woke up at 4am, barged into our bedroom to show us the 10 zlotys note and the missing tooth under her pillow! Damn!….the whole stry was quite cute though. And you’re right, it does not take much to get them happy and proud 🙂

    1. I like the Russian doll as a nice container for tooth..we will have to upgrade from a napkin now that I can be prepared:) 4 am is early!! Mine kicked me out of her room at 7:30 pm that night and said I’m going to sleep (very unusual for us as well)…

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