Some spring flowers in Warsaw


It is a hard month in Warsaw with the rain and cloudy skies. The temperatures are always colder than you expect.

Then you get one or a few days with brilliant blue skies and flowers starting to bloom.

We aren’t finished with the rain yet here in Warsaw, but the blue-sky not-too-cold days are an achievement. Everything is brighter, fuller, newer. Miss H is ecstatic to be outside, especially if she doesn’t need a coat.

This past weekend we found the botanical garden in Powsin just south of Warsaw. Miss H did need her coat but it didn’t matter much. The skies were blue and the flowers were starting to bloom.

The botanical garden and arboretum is a huge property. There are dirt paths perfect for Miss H and her scooter. There was even a small cafe with outside tables serving some food, coffee and beer.

It wasn’t quite warm enough for a stop there. But next time it will be.

The Polish flower section was pretty cool too. It was three or so small hills with rocks to climb and flowers to hunt for in between.

We will definitely go back especially in the coming weeks as more flowers start to bloom and the trees get their leaves back.

Sunny spring days in Warsaw are really special. Miss H and I try not to miss a single one.

You can check out the garden here: Polish Academy of Sciences Botanical Garden – The Center for Biological Diversity Conservation in Powsin, Warsaw, Poland.

10 thoughts on “Some spring flowers in Warsaw

    1. Hi Marlene! Yes it is is really nice:) Suggest getting there early. We were leaving around 1 pm and the parking lot was completely full.

    1. Hi Kelly, yes it’s great! It is a garden and arboretum. Definitely worth some time there. There is one in the Lazienki too but we had no idea about this one until this past weekend.

    1. Yes ¬sigh. Windy and the temperatures don’t rise to what promised in the forecast. I’m telling myself it might mean a not too hot summer?

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