The best weekend getaway from Warsaw – Kania Lodge and Gdansk

When we arrived at Kania Lodge it was like we arrived at a friend’s house. Our rooms weren’t quite ready so the owner and our gracious host, John Borrell, showed us to a table on the back terrace for lunch with a view of lake.  There was no menu since the food was made-to-order but on offer for lunch that day — was lamb meatballs and pasta and a really fresh salad. Both were all locally sourced and were excellent.

The Kania Lodge is located in the Kaszubia region of northern Poland about 40 minutes drive from Gdansk, and we made it a destination during Gran and Pop’s visit to Warsaw from South Florida. The property at the Lodge was wonderfully quiet, and the rooms were really cosy.

There was a lake for swimming, tennis courts, and a lot of nice places on the property to just sit and relax. We took some strolls around the village too.

What a comparison of old and new – thatched-roof house with a satellite! We saw many of these thatched houses in the village.

The surrounding area was made up of small farms, and the strawberries and cherries were ripe at the time we went. Owners and friends were out in their strawberry patches and with ladders on their cherry tries, picking their fruit.

There were also fields of some sort of cereal. Wheat, maybe? Miss H remarked — so that’s cereal, momma? She noticed before I did. Nothing like a 5 year old around to help you focus on the little things, the details, the connections.

There were more shrines than we could count. I discovered the shrines last year in Warsaw. You can see more of the ones in Warsaw here.

On our last day, we took what was supposed to be a day trip into Gdansk. With the heat beaming off the buildings and little shade, it was a short walk around the city then off to the seaside (Sopot) to cool off.

I really love all the street art I am seeing not only in Gdansk but in Warsaw and beyond, like on our recent trip to Kyiv.

Miss H was really the one in charge of the photos in Gdansk. Check out Gdansk. A 5 year-old’s view for more of her pics.

I didn’t take many pictures in Sopot because it was so hot and very very busy. Mr. F and Miss H took a dip in the cold Baltic while Gran and Pop were amazed at the crowds — making comparisons to space on the coastlines of Florida. You can see what Sopot looks during the Fall – a much less busy time and a time I prefer – here.

We enjoyed our trip to the Kania Lodge and the Kaszubia region of Poland. We would certainly take a trip back to the lodge to see what the countryside looks like at another time of year.

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