Winter sleigh ride

We went on a sleigh ride (Kulig) last weekend. It was the perfect weekend for it — very wintery. Sadly, the snow is all gone now.

Kulig is the word for the Polish winter tradition of sleigh rides. There was a group of about 10 wagons. We rode a bit, visited a real German bunker, and were entertained by a man in a long beard (Father Frost? I have no idea). Rode some more, then stopped by a fire at the end for roasted sausages and marshmallows and drank hot wine (adults only, of course). Miss H and friends figured out how to make ice pops out of snow and hot tea.










2 thoughts on “Winter sleigh ride

  1. Holy cow! A real blog post update from you! 😉 Sadly, we never got to do the kulegs bc they always seem organized by AFW and we didn’t have kids. Glad you and the family had fun!

    1. I know I know…I’ve run out of time for the blog @mytravelingjoys! But I have been thinking about finally using your great find to print photos so am trying to make time again. If nothing else, I will get some photos sorted before it gets so long that I forget when and where we were 🙂

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