Warsaw’s Markets

I really don’t remember hearing about so many markets in Warsaw at this time last year.  But we had just moved here.  Perhaps I was too busy with the basics, like unpacking the boxes and finding the supermarket!

Anyway, the markets in Warsaw right now are really great.  There are so many things that are in season.

This weekend I went to two.  The first is a bazaar held in Konstancin-Jeziorna on Saturday and Wednesday mornings.   Konstancin is a pretty little town just outside of Warsaw.

A mom from Miss H’s class let me tag-a-long with her on Saturday.  I was thrilled to find this one.  It is easy to get to and has everything!

Warsaw market

It is equal in size to Hala Mirowska, which is the big market in the center that is open most days of the week.   Hala Mirowska has great variety but it is just too far to be my regular market.

It was also really great to go with a Polish speaker.  I was happy that I could understand a bit from her discussions with vendors and learn some new words!

My favorite thing from the market were these small zucchinis with their blossoms.  No, I did not make them in the picture on the right below;)  I had them last week at a restaurant. They were beautifully prepared.

Zucchini blossoms

Zucchini blossoms

The second market was the Targ Sniadaniowy (breakfast market) in Wilanow.  It happens every weekend from June until the end of September.

It is a bit smaller than the other breakfast markets in the city but it has enough and is very close to us.  There are food trucks, lemonade stands and stalls selling everything from clothing to cheese.

Warsaw, The Beach

There were games for kids including activities at our local playground aptly named ‘the beach’.

Warsaw, The Beach

I didn’t stay long at our local market.  My family was home, with Miss H a little sick and Mr F recovering after a long week of travel and the busy Saturday we all had.

I will certainly take them back to this one though and plan visits to some of the other markets before they close in the Fall!

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