A Long Weekend in Wrocław

Our trip to Wrocław came about because it was ski break at school, and we had waited until the last minute to make any plans. We were thinking about checking out Łódź which was two hours away but instead were talked into the four hour drive to Wrocław by some locals. So glad that happened! (We do plan to make it to Łódź at some point.)

We hadn’t considered it because our longer distance driving trips in Poland (mainly to the lakes region of Mazury) have taken longer than planned due to limited highways, and we didn’t have a lot of time for this trip.  We were thrilled when we found out the there was a newly finished highway (January 2014) most of the way there.

We stayed at Grape Hotel.  It was a B&B style hotel with great food and was in a quiet neighborhood (the building below is a library in the area).

And, the best part?  It was walking distance to the Afrykarium (pics and blog post is here) and had a swimming pool for Miss H.

The hotel was also close to the tram that took us into the Old Town (which was good for the little legs in the group). While beautiful, the Old Town was actually rebuilt brick-by-brick by some dedicated settlers after 1945.

Besides the beauty of the Old Town, there were a lot of street performers to entertain us!

If anyone knows how this guy is floating, please let me know!

And some bright balloons to bat around…

…and funky shops and cafes to check out.

You can see more of our trip and our Gnome Hunt here.

Wrocław was a perfect trip when we were all tired from the winter days and wanted easy logistics with plenty to explore.  I am sure it is even more fun in the summer!


4 thoughts on “A Long Weekend in Wrocław

  1. Looks very cool!
    I all of a sudden realize I get to see Poland thanks to you. It’s really nice, and and I’m hoping that if you ever get to Radom or Olkusz you will post about them (they’re my grandmother’s birth and childhood towns).

    1. And I get to see what I miss from Budapest from your posts, Adi:) I will have to add some more Poland trips for you now that the weather is starting to improve!

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