The Gnomes in Wrocław

A gnome scavenger hunt. That is what we did in Wrocław.

While it sounds like a tourist trap, it was a lot of fun for the young one and the gnomes actually do have some interesting history to them. They were a symbol of a underground group called the Orange Alternative, led by an artist and art history student, in the 1980s that spray-painted buildings with gnomes and other non-political statements to stage protests against the communists and their censorship of free speech.

The first modern gnome statue was commissioned in 2001 by a local newspaper to commemorate the place where many Orange Alternative demonstrations took place. After that in 2005, a local artist created five more and then local businesses started adding their own. There is no exact count but the number I have seen is around 300!

Well, we lost count around 14. And yes we (I) did fall for the touristy part of the whole thing and bought the 6 zloty map at the tourist office so we could mark off our finds. Great fun!

We had a few more adventures on a our long weekend in Wrocław. Check out our trip to the Afrykarium too!

5 thoughts on “The Gnomes in Wrocław

  1. This is such a beautiful blog. I haven’t looked at anyone’s blogs in years & Im not sure how I even found you but I’m so enjoying all of your tales and journeys. What a lucky family.

    1. Thank you Lucia! I also haven’t looked at this blog in years. Thank you for bringing me back to those days we were traveling and living abroad.

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