Ahoj Praho!

Ok, so I admit it.  I had to ask my husband how to change the ending in Prague to say
‘Hello Prague’ in Czech in the title of the post.   You would think after that intensive month of Czech lessons years ago and listening to Miss H’s father speak to her for no less than four years, I would know how it should look.   He tells me that Czechs wouldn’t really say hello to Prague or really any city like that…ok, so I’m not going to worry about it then.  I still think the Czech language is crazy!Prague

Anyway we took Miss H to Prague over the weekend to see Babi (grandma).  She was very excited.   I was reminded about what a beautiful city Prague is.  Babi had a full weekend planned for her – ballet performance and a puppet show I had tried to organize a puppet show last time we were in Prague but the website information was wrong and we missed it so I was very happy that Miss H got to go.



Ballet at Narodni Divadlo

The ballet was her very first and was extra special since it was at the National Theater in Prague.   The ballet that happened to be playing was Krabat. It was a bit scary for a four-year-old and dealt with major themes of good and evil but Miss H took it all in stride.  We had excellent seats and she sat still for the entire first half, a whole hour!   She was amazed by not only the dancing, but the costumes and set design and asked me questions throughout.  We will have to take her to another dance performance very soon. If you are in Prague, I highly recommend attending a performance there and, if you cannot find something you’d like to see and tickets available you can always do a tour.  The theater is really beautiful.Narodni Divadlo

A Puppet Show –  The next day, Miss H went to a puppet show at the Theater of Sejbl and Hurvinek.   Hurvinek has been around a long time, since 1926.  The puppets in the show were life size (well child size, that is).  The two halves of the show were 30 minutes each with an intermission in between.  Perfect length for a four-year-old.  Here is Miss H. playing with Hurvinek and Sejbl outside the theater and a picture of her own personal Hurvinek marionette.

Prague puppetshow



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