Cinderella the Musical and Some Sun in South Florida

The first big thing we did when we got to Florida in November was to go see the musical Cinderella with two four-year-olds.

We may not have had the full Broadway experience at the Palm Beach Kravis Center, but it was just perfect for us.  It was a beautiful sunny day in South Florida. It was easily accessible, we didn’t have to put on coats and hats to get there and it was so great to have Gran, Cousin J, her mom and other grandmother join us.

I think any young girl would love this production.  Here are some of our reactions:

1. “It is different from the book.” Miss H pointed out some differences from the book which led to an interesting conversation for my budding director/performer about the story of Cinderella being old, how these musicals are produced and that different people see and tell the stories differently.

One big difference in this production was that Cinderella was updated from the damsel-in-distress-looking-for-a-husband model to an independent young woman that doesn’t lose a glass slipper but hands it over to the prince herself.  Yay!   And, for the adults, there was also some entertaining social commentary.

2. What were the favorites? When asked about favorite parts of the show, the girls were true to their personalities and interests at the moment.  Miss H voted for the fairy godmother who had an instant costume change from rags to a beautiful gown and flew through the air.   Cousin J loved the colorful and scary giant dragon at the start.

3.  Princess dresses are o.k. sometimes.  Miss H noticed all the girls in princess dresses at the show and wanted to have one of her dresses on.  After a trip to Disney World the next week (more on that soon), I think I have relaxed a bit on the rule with princess dresses.  Maybe it is O.K. if she wanted to wear one out of the house if it were to a production like this.   After all, she will not be 4 for long!

4. “They said bottom!” Miss H thought this was hilarious.  This is of course is 4-year-old humor at its best.

5. And finally, “We should do another girls’ outing like this soon!” agreed all over a glass of sparkling wine and juice at the intermission.

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