A Swimming Coach in Warsaw

When can you really call a place really home?

I’ve been thinking about that a lot since we just arrived at the one year mark in Warsaw. And then it hit me:  as an expat, it is in when you can recommend not-so-easy to find local services.

Just last week I did that.  I gave out the name of a swimming instructor that teaches in English to a friend that has been living here in Warsaw a long time.

That may not be in a big deal when you are living in your home country and speaking the language but it means something, at least to me, living as a non-Polish speaking resident of Warsaw.

It took me a while to find this instructor.  He is Australian so coaches in English and worked with me on the pool I wanted to go to and the type of lesson I wanted to organize for Miss H.   He also had a website (instead of just a mobile number, which I had for another English speaking coach) so I could check him out properly.

He turned out to be an excellent coach and great with children, and I have been recommending him to friends and acquaintances ever since.  Miss H has gone from ‘fearless and I think I can breathe in the water’ to ‘I can do the forward crawl and the frog kick and mom I will not drown so stop worrying’ in the process of a few short months!

Here is his website if you live in Warsaw and are interested:  Anthony Personal Swim Trainer.

And, if you want a nice pool to go to where you can do laps and the kids can do slides, then Wodny Park in Mokotow is the place!

I’m so glad that I could connect friends with Anthony and Anthony with friends.  Now: I need to do a better job of sharing those great finds!

2 thoughts on “A Swimming Coach in Warsaw

  1. Hey thanks for the recommendation Jennifer….our French swimming instructor from last year was not quite fitting the bill so glad to try someone really good instead! …and I share the feeling, the day I started recommending horse riding lessons a month or 2 back, I felt I was finally in the know!! (except that the wonderful teacher is now way overbooked! Oooops xxx Marlene

    1. Marlene, I KNOW. I think he is getting rather booked up now but I decided I need to play it forward more thanks to our discussion the other day!

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