A new neighborhood and a park

We’ll we finished!  We’ve just moved into home #4 in 2.5 years:  BOS-BUD-WAW-WAW.

It was the Day After when I started to write this.  I could barely move that day but it was worth it.

Our new neighborhood feels like just that– a neighborhood.  Miss H has requested a ‘walk around the block’ every day since we moved.Wilanow

I never thought we would be suburbs’ people but we are now.  It is not so bad – you city folk!  It is quiet and green.  It is safer here than in our old neighborhood for Miss H to ride her scooter and bike. There is an express bus to the center, and in Warsaw, suburbs don’t mean you have to drive everywhere.  And, the primary reason for the move — the new place — is working out better.

The beautiful gardens of Wilanow Palace are close-by.  The palace was built as the summer residence for King Jan III Sobieski in the late 17th century.  It is one of the few buildings in Warsaw that survived both world wars.  The gardens are really pretty.

I only have pictures of the Festival of Light in the palace gardens over the winter.   I will post some summer pictures of the palace soon.  Promise!

Powsin park
On our first night in the new place, we had a great dinner at a local restaurant.  It was Korean/Japanese called Sushi Akiyama.

I am very suspicious about fusion cuisine but this one was great.  Miss H was thrilled with edamame, and Mr. F loved his kimchi and bulgogi beef.  And, the sticky rice was perfect!

We are also close to Powsin Park.   We discovered it over last winter (sled and hot chocolate included) and had wanted to check it out over the summer.

It is the closest thing I’ve seen in Warsaw to Normafa in the Buda hills (Budapest) and the beer gardens in Munich.  There must be other places in the center where you can sit outside for a beer and sausage but now that we are no longer ‘city-folk’, it will take a bit longer for us to discover them.

There is a swimming pool at Powsin and other recreational activities including tennis courts, two bouncy castles and playgrounds.

When I looked up the link for you for Powsin I noticed other activities — a brass band next Sunday and yesterday, a competition with stilts and obstacle course. We will for sure go back!

The pool was closed on the day we went due to cool weather (August 17!).  Does this mean summer is already over?  Just like that?

I have hope for a few more warm days.   We better get busy exploring more summer in Warsaw before it is actually over!





4 thoughts on “A new neighborhood and a park

  1. Sounds good! A good Korean.. mm, haven’t been to one for ages.
    It feels like the summer is over here too. There’s still some warm days but there’s this cool breeze that feels like autumn. Could it be so early this year?

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