A walk in the park

On Sunday, we went to my favorite park (Pole Mokotowskie) in Warsaw to meet friends.  It wasn’t a complicated plan.  Take the kids with scooters and bikes.  Get a picnic table at the pub (Pub Lolek) with the playground for lunch.

Pole MokotowskieWe must have spent half the day there. The kids rode around, played superheros, collected sticks and had waffles with Nutella.

There were sunbathers, badminton games, cotton candy and ice cream.  The sun was finally out and it was warm.  It was summer in Warsaw after all.

Pole Mokotowskie

I am thinking about the loss of my sweet aunt over the weekend, and about how precious and short our lives are.  I want to make as many days as possible like Sunday — easy, fun and not in a hurry — with my Miss H, family and friends.

Love you and will miss you Aunt Sarah Anne.

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