Disney Disney Disney!!!

For all you Disney fans, I have to tell you something quite scandalous.   The adults in the family — meaning Mr. F and me — are not that crazy about Disney.

I mean sure, Miss H has watched ALL the princess movies and I personally LOVED Frozen as much as any mother of a 4 year-old-girl.

But Disney World?  You mean an actual amusement park??   Where we have to stand in line with an impatient four-year-old, get nauseous on spinning rides  and say ‘no’ a million times to a bunch of Disney merchandise we don’t need?

Well, Little Brother has been asking me to take Miss H to Disney with his family for two years straight now.   I finally caved.

Disney CastleIt was pretty much what we expected:  loud and crowded, overstimulating and too much junk food.   But more!  Miss H was so very excited about everything and was so happy that she got to go with her cousin.   Here are the highlights:

1.  Dance Party –  While we waiting to meet Little Brother we watched and danced with the parade heading down Main Street.  It was completely unplanned but next time we will be sure to plan for one of the parades.  Miss H danced like it was 1999!

Disney Dance Party2. The Dress – The temperatures dropped a bit when we were there so it wasn’t too hot.  This worked out well for Miss H.  She is the proud new owner of a Princess Sofia dress that ‘goes to the FLOOR!’  And mom finally let her wear it out of the house.  They are little for such a short time.   Anyway, I think this was her favorite part.

3. First roller coaster ride – Miss H laughed through the entire ride.  Why?  ‘Because mommy I was scared.’  But then it was over and it was, ‘Mommy that was too short!”

Disney Castle - Frozen4. Castle Lighting – We almost left early due to all the complaining during the wait, but so glad I didn’t miss the look on Miss H’s face when Elsa turned the castle to ice!

5. Meeting the characters – I never thought to wait in line to meet any of the characters, but meeting Merida was definitely one of the highlights.  Thanks to Uncle J (Little Brother) and Aunt J.   The character breakfast at the hotel was also very entertaining for the girls and not crowded at all.

Goofy's Autograph

A few other things made the trip easier.  A Fast Pass gave us reservations on a few rides to avoid the long lines and having two shorter half-days at the Magic Kingdom allowed for some much needed down time for both Miss H and parents!

A big thanks to Uncle J and Aunt J for doing all the planning! It was really great fun.  I do think we need a year to recover though before planning the next one;)



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