Summer Playtime in Florida

We just finished our ‘summer’ break.   It was actually spring break at pre-school and EasterFlorida car wash, but we were in Florida visiting my family for three weeks and it was HOT  (89F/32C highs a few days).  We are back in Warsaw now.  I am still trying to recover from Miss H’s (and her cousin J’s) energy level!

I tried to keep things easy since the trip was really about seeing family and sunny weather but Miss H likes to stay busy.  If there were not organized activities, she would have had Gran and Pop and me playing hide-and-seek and Mommy / Baby /Sister for three weeks straight!

Wondering how we stayed busy?

1. Car wash toy wash.  The car needed to be washed so I enlisted Miss H’s help.  She not only helped me wash the car, but offered to wash the toys and bikes at Gran and Pop’s, my flip flips, her feet and anything else she could find.


2.  Word hop.  Miss H is just starting to read a few short words.  We combined letter recognition with her need for constant movement.   She loved to hop to the words we called out.  We also did a more simple letter table with lower and upper case letters.


3. Baking has always been a hit for us.   It is especially fun with animal or theme shaped molds.   We did Easter bunnies and eggs.


4. Make your own pizza.  Miss H’s cousin was over for her regular babysitting day with Gran and Pop and we were looking for activities they could do along side each other and not get in each other’s way.  This one was really simple but it would be even more fun to have dough to roll out.


5. Play dough play time.   We made play dough one day.  It was really easy, and Miss H helped me mix it.  I remembered my mom making play dough for us.  I found an even easier no-cook recipe from mom blog, Imagination Tree where you just add boiling water to dry ingredients.

We also used ready-made play dough with found objects.  Lately, our play time and projects have been a lot more successful when I leave the materials on the table for her to find.  That way, it is HER idea and not mine and she is a LOT more interested. Cousin J was over and they got quite creative making bugs,  decorating easter eggs and making magic wands with little prompting from us.



6. Lunch picnic.  On the last day that we had both girls together all day, Gran organized a simple picnic lunch for them.   The girls got to pack their brown bags and help lay out a blanket on the lawn under the little bit of shade available.   Lunch must have stretched more than an hour that day.   I wish I had thought to take a picture but it will have to wait until next visit!



5 thoughts on “Summer Playtime in Florida

    1. Thanks Jamie. The letter hop held her attention much longer because she knew all the answers but I like giving her a challenge;)

    1. Glad you liked it:) Tell me your good games, please! I need to collect more for a crazy 5 weeks off school during which we move to a new house!!

      1. Oh no! You need a summer without moving for a change!
        Anyways, my good games… mm, they’re all somehow involving cars/trains… We also do a lot of hide&seek nowadays, because they run a lot while searching, and that’s of course good. And musical statues, with altering different dancing styles in the music breaks (we do ballet/hip hop mostly, because they have that in school)

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